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beau brooks birthday video
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please reblog if you are a janoskians blog and I will follow you because I barely have any janoskians on my dash right now 

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jxnoski was like: Have you seen mine? (the pictures)♡:) 

yeah they are so great omfg you are such a great artist I loved them thank you thank you.

when beau’s video is complete i’ll send you a link x

howsitgoinbrosx was like: since my camera is kind of shitty, can i just use an edited photo and have font with happy birthday? 

yeah ofc x

fvckingbeaubrooks was like: Will we get a link to the happy birthday Beau video and stuff? X 

yeah i’m posting it on youtube and i’ll send everyone a link and everything so don’t worry x

Anonymous was like: Where do we send you the videos for beaus birthday video? 

send to beaubrooksbirthdayproject@gmail.com please

thank you x